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The visual arts are a process of examining, inventing and manipulating visual imagery. They are ideas in plastic or conceptual form utilizing intellectual and expressive responses, emphasizing the ability to think critically, analyze, synthesize, and reconstruct visual forms.

The role of visual arts education is to foster an understanding of visual arts as a major part of human culture. Personal discovery linked to an understanding and appreciation of the art of the past and present, empowers the students to forge their identities as creative individuals within society.

The art curriculum at St. Martin’s is designed to develop the unique mental capabilities that foster flexible, divergent, authentic, fluent, and imaginative thinking. We provide an environment conducive to the creation intuition and the incentive to pursue excellence in concept and craftsmanship.

St. Martin’s Episcopal School offers a challenging academic curriculum. The art department has a rigorous and challenging arts program to parallel the academics. Our art department strives to stimulate and encourage creativity and to provide students with a foundation of information and experiences.

The Merrick Visual Arts Center

The Merrick Art Center features 2,800 sf of space, 1 ceramic studio, 2 – 2D/drawing studios, 1 lower school art room, and a natural-lit center gallery to display art.

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