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As part of our contribution to developing the generally educated student, the music program at St. Martin's aims to introduce musical experiences that help to enhance an understanding of community, aesthetic awareness, creative expression, cultural heritage and an overall awareness of self.

This is integral to our community as music helps to connect us all from a spiritual standpoint as well as uniting us as a whole. The musically educated student at StM is able to respond to music intellectually, and emotionally; is familiar with the role of music has played and continues to play in the life of man; is able to make judgements on critical listening and analysis, and supports the musical life of the StM community.

We assert that music can offer students an outlet towards self expression that allows us with a way to be in touch with ourselves in a unique and productive way. We focus on teamwork and understand the concept of sustained effort followed by the rewards of hard work. As teachers it is important for us to realize that as time evolves and students change, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves with new methods and continue to pursue our own passions' in order to truly connect with our students.

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