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The Health Services Department supports student success by providing health care through assessment, intervention, and follow-up for all children within the school setting. This service helps address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students.

A full-time, licensed Registered Nurse provides the following services to Cottage, Lower, Middle and Upper School students and families:
  • Develop plans for student care based on assessment, interventions, and identification of outcomes, and the evaluation of care
  • Serve as consultants with other school professionals, such as food service personnel, physical education teachers, coaches, and counselors
  • Provide health-related education to students and staff in both individual and group settings
  • Monitor immunizations, managing communicable diseases, and assessing the school environment as to prevent injury and ensure safety
  • Oversee infection control measures
  • Actively participate in school safety plans that address school violence, bullying, and emergencies that may occur at school
  • Oversee medication administration, health care procedures, and the development of healthcare plans
  • Make decisions related to the delegation of healthcare tasks as directed by state laws and professional practice guidance
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