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Upper School: Grades Nine through Twelve

St. Martin’s Upper School challenges and inspires students in a way that not only prepares them for success in college, but also in life.

This belief in lifelong learning guides the Upper School curriculum. St. Martin’s students and their teachers engage in open-ended conversations, encouraging students to think critically and collaborate professionally. The result is robust classrooms where students thrive.

Students have opportunities for electives, honors programs, and Advanced Placement classes. St. Martin’s challenging Upper School curriculum is enhanced by myriad extracurriculars, weekly chapel services, cultural enrichment activities, and servant-leadership opportunities. Faith and service are woven into student life through religion courses and daily interactions with dedicated chaplains.

This emphasis on academic achievement, personal enrichment, spiritual growth, and the skills and mindsets required in a global, 21st century world gives students the foundation they need to thrive in college and beyond.



St. Martin’s Upper School requires students to bring their own laptop devices. Laptops running Windows or Mac OS are acceptable.

Minimum Laptop Specifications:
AMD (4 core+) or Intel i5+
8 GB of memory/RAM
250 GB SSD+

Optional Laptop recommendations:
Software Requirements
Antivirus Software (Malwarebytes Premium is recommended)
Microsoft Office (Office 365 Recommended)
Adobe (provided by StM)
G Suite (provided by StM)

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