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  Name Title Group
Denise Altobello Altobello, Denise Director of Curriculum, Innovation + Design
Shawn Aucoin Aucoin, Shawn Cottage Teacher
Sierra Bailey Bailey, Sierra Lower School Music Teacher
Mary Kay Beck Beck, Mary Kay Upper / Middle School French Teacher
Laura Blazek Blazek, Laura Third Grade Teacher
Jordan Bocage Bocage, Jordan Admissions Coordinator for George Cottage, Pre-K & K
Mary Bond Bond, Mary Upper School Math Teacher Mathematics, Mathematics Department
Andrea Bonnette Bonnette, Andrea Swim Teacher
Lynne Bordelon Bordelon, Lynne Theater Director
Lynne Bordelon Bordelon, Lynne
Ashley Bozeman Bozeman, Ashley First Grade Teacher
Pam Brierre Brierre, Pam Lower School Science Teacher
Mary Brown Brown, Mary Development Administrative Assistant
Danielle Calamia Calamia, Danielle George Cottage Teacher
Rhea Caluda Caluda, Rhea Middle School Counselor
Meagan Campos Campos, Meagan Middle School Learning Specialist
Frank Canzoneri Canzoneri, Frank Upper School Social Studies Teacher
Curry Cappel Cappel, Curry Middle School Religion Teacher
Jenny Collins Collins, Jenny George Cottage Teacher
Christina Comer Comer, Christina
Tootie Conway Conway, Tootie First Grade Assistant
Megan Danos Danos, Megan George Cottage Teacher
Paige Davis Davis, Paige Event Coordinator
Angela Day Day, Angela Human Resources Director
Erin Dazzo Dazzo, Erin Account Receivable
Ed Demirer Demirer, Ed Technical Theatre Director
John Dicasali Dicasali, John Middle School Science Teacher
Jeannette Diket Diket, Jeannette George Cottage Teacher
Kevin Dizer Dizer, Kevin Physical Education Teacher
Lisa Dragna Dragna, Lisa
Danielle Dugas Dugas, Danielle George Cottage Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Dusaules Dusaules, Tiffany Director of College Counseling
John Eddleman Eddleman, John Instructor
Katie Faught Faught, Katie George Cottage Teacher
Marcella Fink Fink, Marcella Upper School Learning Specialist
Shelley Foster Foster, Shelley Lower School Learning Specialist
Betsy Fox Fox, Betsy Middle School English Teacher
Esther Frempong Frempong, Esther Middle School Math Teacher
Allison Fresneda Fresneda, Allison George Cottage Teacher
Leslie Gamble Gamble, Leslie Upper / Middle School Visual Arts Teacher
Stephanie Gaspard Gaspard, Stephanie Kindergarten Teacher
Natalie Gautreaux Gautreaux, Natalie
Frank Gendusa Gendusa, Frank Athletic Director
Eduardo Gonzalez Gonzalez, Eduardo Upper School Spanish Teacher
Heather Grace Grace, Heather First Grade Teacher
Anita Hamilton Hamilton, Anita George Cottage Teacher
Brittany Hart Hart, Brittany MFL Librarian
Christina Heath Heath, Christina Lower School Counselor
Jennifer Henderson Henderson, Jennifer Kindergarten Assistant
Eugenio Hernandez Hernandez, Eugenio Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Cynthia Hill Hill, Cynthia Lower School Administrative Assistant
Gloria Hill Hill, Gloria
Jordan Hill Hill, Jordan Middle & Upper School Math Teacher
Missy Howell Howell, Missy George Cottage Teacher
Risa Indest Indest, Risa Lower School Learning Specialist
Emily Johns Johns, Emily
Linda Jouet Jouet, Linda Upper School Administrative Assistant
Amber Kailas Kailas, Amber
Jane Kaufman Kaufman, Jane Middle School Science Teacher
Lee Klebba Klebba, Lee Upper School English Teacher
Christopher Kopp Kopp, Christopher Maintenance
Michael Kuhn Kuhn, Michael
Jeanie L'hoste L'hoste, Jeanie Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
Dawn LaForge LaForge, Dawn Athletics Administrative Assistant
Patrick LaForge LaForge, Patrick Middle School Athletic Director
Tiffany Laird Laird, Tiffany George Cottage Teacher
Brooke Landry Landry, Brooke Pre-K Teacher
Charles Latour Latour, Charles Head of Upper School
Andre Lebeau Lebeau, Andre Upper School Spanish Teacher
Jennifer Lecoq Lecoq, Jennifer Chief Financial Officer
Joe Lecoq Lecoq, Joe Director of Food Services
Robert Ledoux Ledoux, Robert Physical Education Teacher
Edward Leonard Leonard, Edward Upper School Math Teacher
Cathy Lesher Lesher, Cathy Director of Summer Camp & Auxiliary Programs Coordinator
Warren Lind Lind, Warren Rental Facilitator
Christopher Louper Louper, Christopher Technology Coordinator
Rebecca Lovisa Lovisa, Rebecca Acting Head of Lower School
Robin Lunsford Lunsford, Robin Director of Tuition Assistance
Ethel Madden Madden, Ethel Lower School Librarian
Destini Manuel Manuel, Destini Athletic Trainer
Aleksandra Markell Markell, Aleksandra Upper School English Teacher
Velinda Mascorro Mascorro, Velinda Middle School Spanish Teacher
Amanda Michel Michel, Amanda Upper School Math Teacher
Ford Millican Millican, Ford Upper School Chaplain
Joette Monaghan Monaghan, Joette Administrative Assistant to Admissions
Meri Monsour Monsour, Meri Pre-K Teaching Assistant
Megan Morales Morales, Megan Director of George Cottage
Susan Morere Morere, Susan Middle School Math Teacher
Kelly Mouton Mouton, Kelly Kindergarten Assistant
Rosary Mouton Mouton, Rosary George Cottage Teacher
Matthew Munhall Munhall, Matthew Upper School English Teacher English, English Department
Beth Neumann Neumann, Beth Middle School Administrative Assistant
Stephanie O'Briant O'Briant, Stephanie Accounting Specialist
Edwina O'Flynn O'Flynn, Edwina Substitute
Holly Odom Odom, Holly Pre-K Teaching Assistant
Michael Odom Odom, Michael Physical Education Teacher
Stephanie Ohlmeyer Ohlmeyer, Stephanie Third Grade Teacher
Natalie Ott Ott, Natalie Second Grade Teacher
Dixie Patrick Patrick, Dixie Lower School Religion Teacher
Susan Pendleton Pendleton, Susan Fourth Grade Teacher
Alyssa Pitt Pitt, Alyssa Physical Education Teacher
Chelsea Porche Porche, Chelsea Marketing & Communications
Wallace Porter Porter, Wallace Middle School Documentary Film Studies Teacher
Mary Quinet Quinet, Mary Upper School Social Studies Teacher Social Studies
Doris Ramirez-Gomez Ramirez-Gomez, Doris George Cottage Teacher
Jewel Reuter Reuter, Jewel Upper School Science Teacher
Stacy Richards Richards, Stacy Upper School Science Teacher Science
Tina Rivas Rivas, Tina Kindergarten Assistant
Frances Roney Roney, Frances Teacher
Cissy Rowley Rowley, Cissy Upper School French Teacher Languages
Patricia Sanabria Sanabria, Patricia Lower School Spanish Teacher
Mary Lee Saucier Saucier, Mary Lee Coordinator of Innovation + Design and Computer Science for the Lower School
Mary Lee Saucier Saucier, Mary Lee Coordinator of Innovation + Design and Computer Science for the Lower School
Michelle Scandurro Scandurro, Michelle Assistant for College Counseling
Keith Schwarz Schwarz, Keith Middle School English and Latin Teacher
Ray Scioneaux Scioneaux, Ray Upper School Science Teacher
Stephanie Silvey Silvey, Stephanie teacher
Eileen Smilari Smilari, Eileen School Nurse
Maureen Smith Smith, Maureen Middle & Upper School AP Computer Science Teacher
Demarias Sojka Sojka, Demarias Lower School Art Teacher
Robby Stanley Stanley, Robby Makerspace Coordinator
Laurie Stewart Stewart, Laurie Middle School Learning Specialist
Arthur Stout Stout, Arthur Upper School Social Studies Teacher
Allison Thomas Thomas, Allison Middle & Upper School Visual Arts Teacher Fine Arts, Fine Arts Departments
Bridget Tierney Tierney, Bridget Lower School Religion Teacher
Tanya Tranchina Tranchina, Tanya George Cottage Teacher
Sally Uzee Uzee, Sally Administrative Assistant to the Head of School
Adrian Van Young Van Young, Adrian Upper School English and Creative Writing Teacher
Jenny Velasquez Velasquez, Jenny Head of Middle School
Jennifer Wang Wang, Jennifer Director of International Student Program and Mandarin Teacher
Julie Warren Warren, Julie Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Barbara Weaver Weaver, Barbara Second Grade Teacher
Chad Wilken Wilken, Chad Director of Facilities
Heather Wiltshire Wiltshire, Heather Upper School Counselor
Nicky Wood Wood, Nicky Teacher
Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a caring, supportive, and engaging environment for our students. They are highly educated, creative, and energetic. Just as they teach their students to always strive to be the best, St. Martin’s believes in continuing education and professional development for them, to ensure that they are truly the best that they can be.
StM Gala