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Purpose: To advance the education of students through need-based, partial scholarships to attend St. Martin's Episcopal School.


7th and 8th grade students currently enrolled in the following ISAS Episcopal schools:
  • Trinity Episcopal School
  • St. George's Episcopal School
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal School
  • St. Paul's Episcopal School
  • Christ Episcopal School
Episcopalian students residing in the diocese of Louisiana applying for 8th or 9th grade.
  • The Bishop Brown Scholarship is to be used solely for the education of students who are entering St. Martin's Episcopal School in eighth or ninth grade who are Episcopalian or currently enrolled in an Episcopal school.
  • The Bishop Brown Scholarship will be awarded to provide need-based, half-tuition scholarships to students who are Episcopalian or currently enrolled in an Episcopal school.
  • Complete application for admission to St. Martin's Episcopal School.
  • Three half-tuition scholarships will be awarded to individual students. Funds will be distributed to St. Martin's Episcopal School on behalf of the student.
  • A student who is awarded a scholarship is eligible for awards through 12th grade, provided that the student continues to exemplify the criteria for the Bishop Brown Scholarship-Faith, Scholarship and Service.
  • Applications are due to Bishop Brown Scholarship January 31, along with a letter of recommendation from the student's Chaplain. This letter should outline the student's demonstrated faith and service.
Selection Criteria

Demonstration of candidate's active participation in the religious life of current school or evidence of candidate's active membership in a faith community/congregation.

Consistent academic achievement in the top echelon of his/her peers according to standards of current school.

Active contributions to the life of his/her current school. Demonstrated volunteer service in the larger community independent of school requirements.

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