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At St. Martin's, we prepare students to thrive in college and in life through Faith, Scholarship and Service. St. Martin's is distinguished by seven Core Operating Principles that guide our school community in every aspect of learning:

We cultivate total human development, from academics to art, athletics to music, to prepare students for a purposeful, meaningful, and productive life. We focus on student learning and teach for the transfer of information and learning objectives. Learning shapes the whole person as we intentionally integrate the mind, body and spirit into all learning endeavors. We provide our students a global lens, connecting them to trends that are shaping our world. And, we promote economic and ecological sustainability in order to be the best steward of our resources.

People teach and work alongside each other in our school community, placing collaboration and team-building ahead of competition and divisiveness. Schoolwide relationships are fostered in trust, placing the true focus on personal relationship rather than power or authority.

Our students are known, needed, cared for, and have an opportunity to shape their environment through our unique community-based approach. Families are the centerpieces of our community and provide the partnership between the school and the student that enables our work to be successful. We value inclusivity and practice it throughout our school community, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to lead and learn. We seek and value diversity in our school community, seeking students, families, and faculty from diverse backgrounds yet with a common commitment to our core principles.

We are a total and comprehensive independent school family, with infants to 12th graders, creating a robust and authentic school community. We prepare students not only to thrive in excellent colleges, but to lead meaningful and productive lives as they acquire core competencies that enable success long after graduation. Education is not static but ongoing. We believe in lifelong learning, placing emphasis on learning and professional development for the skills we need tomorrow, not simply today. Our school follows and nurtures a natural intellectual, social, moral and physical development sequence of our children. This understanding allows for us to create curriculum and programs that stimulate growth at the different stages in a child's life.

We seek bright and motivated students who intend to be successful in school and in life and are committed to our unique school philosophy. We acknowledge and organize around the concept that people enjoy multiple intelligences and learn differently from each other, creating an exciting atmosphere for learning. Our teaching approach is student-centered, dialogue-driven, and critical thinking oriented, promoting a truly robust classroom where students are given the freedom to flourish. Data-driven research informs our approach to the teaching learning experience so that we remain effective and accountable to the students and parents who select our school.

Our student-led service programs help others today and build bold leaders tomorrow. Our students impact the community positively through their engagement in important outreach programs.

Our guiding Episcopal tradition has promoted the intentional integration of faith and learning for over 70 years. We instill lifelong moral and ethical character development, leading students to not only prepare for college, but to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

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