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Students in Lower School Design Leprechaun Traps

Students in Lower School Design Leprechaun Traps
Lower School students recently took on the challenge of designing and creating traps to capture a pesky leprechaun that shows up each St. Patrick’s Day. After being told how the creature has been known to turn chairs over, scatter markers and crayons out on the tables, dump trash on the floor, leave a trail of glitter, and/or completely disrupt the classroom, students were challenged to catch the leprechaun.  

Children from all Lower School grade levels worked individually, in pairs, and in small groups to design and build leprechaun traps using materials provided in the STeaM Lab. On Friday morning students, decked out in green clothing in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, set their traps for the unwitting rascal.

When the leprechaun arrived, it was tangled in several traps, but was only contained by one. Mr. Dieth was able to confiscate some chocolate gold coins from the leprechaun after it was caught, and distributed them to students who participated in the challenge.

Emerson Arensman and Kaitlyn Tillery’s winning design earned an ice cream party for their entire class.

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