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Innovation + Design Team Hosts First-Ever Family STeaM Night

Innovation + Design Team Hosts First-Ever Family STeaM Night
With the help of Innovation + Design team members, more than 115 students and their families filled several Lower School classrooms to compete in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STeaM) activities. Students and their families were challenged to build the longest chain, create the tallest spaghetti tower, and design a familiar song with MaKey MaKeys, among others.

The exciting, hands-on activities were part of the school’s first-ever Family STeaM Night, which took place Thursday, Feb. 2. As part of the evening’s activities, families competed to win raffle tickets for a chance to take home one of five MaKey MaKey prizes.

The event also gave parents the opportunity to explore the curriculum their children are learning each day at St. Martin’s. Both parents and students enjoyed the evening of learning and fun-filled, friendly competition.

"I love how St. Martin's is able to engage the kids in learning through technology and hands-on play," said parent Claudia Everitt.

Director of Lower School STeaM Lab Mary Lee Saucier believes exploring STeaM and Innovation + Design projects is critical for students’ future success.

“The careers that will be available to our students when they graduate, regardless of the path they choose, will require critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills that develop through a STeaM-based curriculum,” said Saucier.

The evening was so successful, the Innovation + Design team is already planning another event for the fall.

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