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Fifth Graders Among First to Utilize New Production Studio to Film “Commercials”

Fifth Graders Among First to Utilize New Production Studio to Film “Commercials”
Members of St. Martin’s fifth grade class were among the first to try out the new Gibbs Family Center for Innovation + Design Production Studio, a gift of Paul Muehlemann ՚62 and Patricia Habeeb Muehlemann ՚65, when they filmed mock commercials in the space. The commercials were part of the Junior Achievement program “Our Nation.”
JA Our Nation introduces fifth-grade students to the concepts of work readiness and the nation's free market system. The curriculum also introduces the need to develop entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to meet the requirements of high-growth, high-demand careers and the continuing trend towards globalization in business. Students also explored the ways businesses are organized and how they market themselves to the public.

The program culminated with a final session where students scripted and performed in a commercial advertising specific products. Students incorporated the various lessons they learned through the program to create the advertisement. Afterwards, the class watched and critiqued each group’s work.

The actual construction of the Gibbs Center for Innovation + Design was completed recently and installation of furnishings and equipment is in process. As the hub from which St. Martin’s implements a design thinking approach across its curriculum, the facility also includes build and wood shops, a digital lab, and other resources that make it the most comprehensive school-based maker space in the region.

Head of Lower School Ford Dieth ՚89 enjoyed seeing fifth graders using the new building on St. Martin’s campus.
“It was wonderful to see the students’ faces light up when they were able to use our brand-new production studio,” said Dieth. “We are so blessed as a school community to have a top-notch facility open to all grade levels to use. The fifth graders were grateful to be among the first to get a sneak peek. They’re even more excited about the prospect of using it when it is fully equipped and furnished.”

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