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When you think of St. Martin’s, you often think of the outstanding teachers that have taught over the years. StM is blessed to have hard-working, intelligent, collaborative teachers who constantly strive to find innovative ways to teach their students. Mrs. Mary Quinet is no exception. 

Mrs. Quinet has taught at StM for the last 27 years, teaching classes like World History, AP World History, and AP European History. She has been an integral part of the academic success of many students. Jordan Stone ’05 fondly remembers the dreaded Locke and Hobbs paper from Mrs. Quinet’s class. He attributes his success, in part, to her dedication and patience. 

This affection for the beloved teacher is not only felt by alums. Our current students also see the value in Mrs. Quinet’s tough-as-nails teaching with a side of love and kindness. 

“Mrs. Quinet is an absolutely incredible teacher! Her class is so fascinating, and she is constantly challenging and pushing us to be our best,” says Savannah Westacott, 9th grade. 

Senior Alexis Steckler echoes Savannah’s opinion when she says, “She's an exciting teacher who has a very unique ability to make everyone feel confident and accountable in her class. It's a gift that all my favorite teachers have had, and I'm so glad I had the chance to take her class. She's such a kind and impressive lady." 

Throughout her years at StM, Mrs. Quinet has adapted to the ever-changing educational system while keeping true to her passion for the subjects that she teaches. That passion is contagious, and has fueled the drive for knowledge across generations. 

When you think of St. Martin’s, it’s almost impossible not to think of Mary Quinet. She has dedicated her life to fostering the love of learning, and she has made St. Martin’s a better place because of it. 

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