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The Lyre 2020

St. Martin's literature & art magazine
The Lyre is St. Martin's literature & art magazine, entirely student-designed and edited, and showcasing our student community's astounding creativity. This year's issue compiles fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and art (painting, sculpture and photography) from across the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools to form a living, breathing collage of the very best of what our students have to offer when given free range to wonder, express and create. It reflects, too, the impassioned efforts of St. Martins' studio art, creative writing, and language arts programs in honing our students' creative efforts, through revision and critique, into what you see before you today. In this year's issue, you'll find fall poems from the lower schoolers, a few venerated family recipes and narratives from the middle schoolers, as well as some wild and a little bit edgy original fiction from the upper schoolers, among many other marvels.

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