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StM To Host Blood Drive Jan. 17

StM To Host Blood Drive Jan. 17
In partnership with The Blood Center, St. Martin’s will host a blood drive on Fri., Jan. 17 from noon to 5 p.m. The Bloodmobile will be on campus to accept donations. 

Blood donated will help an StM family dealing with childhood cancer, currently being treated by Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital is helping 1,100 kids battling various stages of cancer. The hospital requires a minimum of 13,500 blood components annually. The Blood Center is the blood provider for the patients at Children’s Hospital. 

Founded in 1960, The Blood Center is the primary supplier of blood to hospitals throughout South Louisiana. It is a non-profit, community service organization guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees, composed of community leaders and hospital representatives. To adequately supply our community, The Blood Center tries to keep a three-day supply of 1200-1400 pints of blood on the shelf. That means collecting 350 pints a day. 

Sign Up to Donate
Those interested should sign up for a donation time slot in advance. Contact StM parent Mary Pevey via email at; Suzy Potter via email at; or text 504.939.9609. The goal is 35 donations. 

Info for Donors
All blood types are needed. To donate blood you must be in good health, at least 17 years of age, and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. Sixteen-year-olds who weigh at least 130 pounds can donate with a signed Blood Center parental consent form. (Click here to download the form.) There is no upper age limit. Individuals with high blood pressure (below 180/100) or controlled diabetes can now donate. You cannot donate if you have been exposed to hepatitis, or if you are taking a heart medication or blood thinner. A picture ID is required for each donor. 

When you come in to donate, The Blood Center staff will conduct a detailed interview to determine whether you are eligible. For a complete list of eligibility guidelines, click here

Most people realize, soon after their first donation experience, that donating blood is easy, painless, and completely safe. 

If you are eligible and would like to donate, it is important that your iron, or hemoglobin, levels are sufficient prior to donating. Click here to read more about how to "pump up your iron" before donating.

Anyone who is eligible to donate can do so every 56 days or eight weeks.

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