Upper School Academic Honors Program Recognizes Student Scholars

Upper School Academic Honors Program Recognizes Student Scholars
On Friday, May 31, the Upper School community gathered in the Dan and Frances White Chapel to celebrate their students’ accomplishments with the annual Academic Honors Program. The program began with an invocation from Upper School Chaplain Jeff Millican, which was followed by introductory and welcoming remarks from Associate Head of Upper School Tiffany DuSaules.
DuSaules then awarded the Senior Honors. Valedictorian Madelaine Pickens and salutatorian Jessica Pickens were presented with medals. National Merit Finalists Madelaine Pickens and Jessica Pickens, as well as National Merit Commended Scholars Natalia Bourg and Annabella Imbornone, were recognized.
New members of the Cum Laude Society were awarded certificates. Recipients included seniors Ben Bone, Natalia Bourg, Rico Coleman, Samuel Kellum, and Ritchie Whitney, and juniors Andrew Gary, Harry La, Lindsey LaForge, Bharat Solanky, and Brandon Stokes.
St. Martin’s is fortunate that the alumni chapters of a number of highly selective colleges and universities present book awards to outstanding members of the junior class. Peter Title, a graduate of Columbia University and an attorney with Sessions Fishman, presented the Columbia University Book Award to Sophia Warren. James Klebba, a 1967 graduate of Harvard Law School and former Dean of the Loyola Law School, presented the Harvard Book Award to Lindsey LaForge. Fred Devall ’87 presented the Sewanee Book Award for Excellence in Writing to Elyse Kann. Faculty member Lee Klebba presented the Williams College Book Award to Bharat Solanky and the Dartmouth Book Award to Andrew Gary. Angel Parham, a Yale graduate and member of its regional club, presented the Yale Book Award to Andreas Poulis.
The Julie Dieth 13- and 14-Year Club members received plaques to commemorate their time at St. Martin’s. Those at StM for 13 years were Natalia Bourg, Rico Coleman, Ellie Hurley, Victoria Morgan, and Anna Beth Talbot.  Fourteen-year students were Ben Bone, Madalyn Cranford, Jack Fleishman, Pierce Gremillion, Enzo Marcello, Jessie Pickens, Lainey Pickens, Griff Thomas, and Mollye Varon. For the first time ever, students who started their time at St. Martin’s at George Cottage were honored as members of the 15-Year Club: Ruby Reeves and Cole Russell.
Also receiving special recognition were this year’s Girls’ and Boys’ State delegates: Elyse Kann, Sophia Warren, Andrew Gary, Nic Lobrano, and Brandon Stokes.
During the program, teachers presented departmental awards to students. All winners are listed below.
English I - Alexis Steckler (Daniel Thompson, Honorable Mention)
English II -  Clara Conatser (Rikki Bourg, Honorable Mention)
English III - Lindsey LaForge
Eileen Beckman Award for Excellence in English - Jessie Pickens and Lainey Pickens (co-winners)
Photography - Jack Fleishmann
Ceramics - Gabriel Diaz and Victoria Morgan (co-winners)
Research in Art and Design - Farah Wells
Carolyn Boone Strickler Award for Excellence in Art - Clara Rabe

Performing Arts Award - Anna Beth Talbot
Technical Theatre - Adriana Paz

Spanish I - Toi Robinson
Spanish II - Kylar Coleman
Spanish III - Halle Bryan (Nic Arensman, Honorable Mention)
Spanish IV -  Lindsey LaForge
The Pedro Perez Spanish Award - Victoria Morgan

Latin I - Elliot Schmedtje
Latin II -   Harry La
Latin III - Rachel Royerre
Latin IV - Brandon Stokes
The Latin Award - Natalia Bourg

French I - Quinn Boutchard
French II - Lydia Greene
French III - Alexis Steckler
French IV - Jackson Nettles
L’Union Française Award for Excellence in French - Jessie Pickens
Mitchell Berard Award for Excellence in French - Jessie Pickens

Algebra I - Sydni Wiltz, Honorable Mention
Algebra II -Ben Hoppe and Patience Zar, Honorable Mention
Algebra II Honors -  Isabella Bartholomew, Honorable Mention
The Algebra Award - Clara Conatser
Geometry - Steven Xu, Honorable Mention
Geometry Honors -  Lauren Monier, Honorable Mention
The Geometry Award - Daniel Thompson
Advanced Math I - Gabriel Diaz, Honorable Mention
Advanced Math II - Andrew Gary and Cameron Tolar, Honorable Mention
Advanced Math II Honors - Renee Angerer, Honorable Mention
The Advanced Math Award - Lindsey LaForge
The Rensselaer Medal for Excellence in Science and Mathematics (sponsored by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) - Malorie Saucier
Calculus -  Bennett Kahn, Jessie Pickens, and Lainey Pickens
AP Calculus - Ritchie Whitney, Honorable Mention
Multivariable Calculus - Natalia Bourg, Elise LaFleur, and Daniel Wang: Honorable Mention

AP Statistics - Bharat Solanky and Rico Coleman, Samuel Kellum, Daniel Wang: Honorable Mention
The Jim Latham Mathematics Award - Elise LaFleur

Physics - Myles Kullander, Katherine Main, and Sydni Wiltz: Honorable Mention
Physics Honors - Halle Bryan, Lydia Green, and Daniel Thompson: Honorable Mention
AP Physics - Rita Cai and Daniel Wang, Honorable Mention
The Physics Award - Clara Conatser
Chemistry - Rikki Bourg and Adriana Paz: Honorable Mention
Chemistry Honors -  Renee Angerer and Isabella Bartholomew: Honorable Mention
AP Chemistry -  Lainey Pickens and Brandon Stokes: Honorable Mention
The Chemistry Award - Bennett Kahn
Biology - Harry La and Brycen Malbrough: Honorable Mention
Biology Honors - Andrew Gary and Brandon Stokes: Honorable Mention
AP Biology - Elise LaFleur
The Biology Award - Gabriel Diaz and Lindsey LaForge
The Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award (sponsored by the University of Rochester) - Brandon Stokes
Future Physicians Award - Jessie Pickens
The Harold Graf Science Award - Lainey Pickens and Griff Thomas.
World History - Alexis Steckler and Daniel Thompson (co-winners)
American History - Clara Conatser (Renee Angerer, Honorable Mention)
Civics - Andrew Gary  (Lindsey LaForge, Honorable Mention)

The Religion Award - Andreas Poulis (Andrew Gary, Honorable Mention)

Several special awards were also presented near the end of the program.
The Head of School’s Academic and Athletic Achievement Award is presented annually to a young man and young woman who have attained the highest academic average for the school year while lettering in two or more sports. This year's recipients were Ritchie Whitney and Isabella Bartholomew.
Established in 2004 by Dorothy Dorsa Porter, the Dr. W. Brooks Emory Scholarship Award is given to a member of the sophomore class, selected by the Head of the Upper School, who exemplifies St. Martin’s motto of “Faith, Scholarship, and Service.” Mrs. Porter chose to honor Dr. Emory’s professional efforts and their long-time friendship by leaving this legacy gift in her estate. Adriana Paz was this year’s honoree.
The Gustav R. Westfeldt, Jr. Award was established in 1966 by the Board of Trustees to be given annually to the sophomore student at St. Martin’s who has been of outstanding service to the school and community without thought of recognition or praise, but out of a desire to be helpful. The award is given to a student, chosen by the sophomore class from a list of nominees from the Upper School faculty, who is noted for a positive attitude, effort, example, and service. This year’s recipient was Ford Millican.
Selected by the Head of the School and the school clergy from nominations given by the Upper School faculty, the O. E. Haring Memorial Scholarship Award is given to a junior student who has set an example of Christian citizenship on the campus, made a significant contribution to the religious life of the school, and maintained a commendable academic record. Elyse Kann was this year’s recipient.
The Coatney Leadership Award is presented to a junior student who has been selected by the members of the junior class from nominations made by the Upper School faculty. A Coatney Leader guides by example and takes effective action based upon a thorough knowledge of a particular situation, with concern for the good of St. Martin’s students and the greater community as well. Further, he or she gives graciously of his or her time and skills, thus inspiring others to do likewise. The recipient of this year’s Coatney Leadership Award was Lindsey LaForge.
Commemorating St. Martin’s affection and respect for a former colleague and English teacher, the John F. Aker Award is given to a junior whose effort, example, and character have made an outstanding contribution to the life of St. Martin’s School. This year’s recipient was Andreas Poulis.
The Michael John Moseley Award is given in honor of Michael John Moseley, who served as president of the Student Council and captain of the basketball and football teams and was a member of the National Honor Society. Moseley graduated in 1967 and pursued his college career at Vanderbilt University. This award commemorates the outstanding record that he established at St. Martin’s; he was a scholar who gave us leadership in service and athletics. This award is given to a student chosen by the Student Council who is outstanding in athletics, scholarship, and service. This year’s award was presented to Griff Thomas.
The Mildred Ellis Herron Memorial Award is given to a senior girl, chosen by the Upper School faculty and administration, who exemplifies an enthusiasm for life, school spirit, and true friendship not only to the St. Martin’s community but also to the community at large. Millie Herron graduated from St. Martin’s in 1988. Her zest and zeal for life made her a popular and valuable member of both the volleyball and tennis teams. She loved being at St. Martin’s and cared deeply about her friends and what the school stands for. She never met a stranger and was a true ambassador for the school wherever she went. Her presence at St. Martin’s certainly made it a better place. This year’s award was presented to Ellie Hurley.
Publicly recognizing the respect and affection of the faculty for their former Head of School, the E. O. Van Slate Service Award is given to a senior who has shown outstanding service to the school. The recipient of this award is selected by the Upper School faculty. This year’s award was presented to Alec Ricci.
The Rev. John Stone Jenkins Citizenship Award is named for a former Head of School and colleague. Each year two students, chosen by the Upper School faculty, receive this award that is based on character, courage, scholarship, leadership, and service. This year’s recipients were Lainey and Jessie Pickens.
The Spirit of St. Martin’s Award is given to that member of the senior class whom the Upper School faculty believe best possesses and represents the qualities of our school: Faith, Scholarship, and Service. This year’s honoree was Bennett Kahn.
To close the ceremony, the 2018-19 Student Council President Ritchie Whitney transferred leadership of the Upper School to incoming president Griff Thomas by presenting him with the gavel. After this symbolic gesture, the junior and senior classes participated in the Passage of the Light of St. Martin’s, finalizing the transition of leadership that began on Ring Day.


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