Middle School Ends the Year with Awards Ceremony

Middle School Ends the Year with Awards Ceremony
To end the school year, the Middle School held programs to recognize outstanding students. On Tuesday, May 30, faculty, students, and families gathered in the Dan and Frances White Chapel to honor the Class of 2023.  Middle School Head Jenny Velasquez and Head of School Merry Sorrells each addressed the crowd, congratulating the eighth graders on their accomplishments before faculty presented awards.

Eighth Grade Awards
The Don Schwartz Dean’s Award was presented to Jenna DeLatte. This award is presented annually to the student selected by the Head of Middle School who excels academically and displays dedication to St. Martin’s ideals of Faith, Scholarship, and Service.

Justin Hall and Rian McManus received Citizenship Awards. These students were selected by their peers for displaying the ideal qualities of a St. Martin’s student.

High Academic Achievement Awards were presented to students who achieved academic excellence throughout the school year. Blake Verdigets received an award for achieving the highest class average. The following students were recognized for maintaining honor roll status throughout the year: Jenna DeLatte, Garrett DeViney, Justin Hall, Seema Hijazi, Stephen Huber, Tristan Karno, Rian McManus, George Mueller, Timothy Roberts, Patrick Smith, Zoe Tatum, Samantha Thompson, Nhat Thi Tran, and Blake Verdigets.

Other students were recognized for excellence in specific subjects.

Zoe Tatum was the recipient of the PACE English Award, while Westley James won the English 8 Award.

Nhat Tran won the Algebra I Award and Blake Verdigets won for Algebra I Honors, with Tristan Karno receiving Honorable Mention. In Introductory Algebra the winner was Garrett DeVinney, with Honorable Mention going to Matthew Mannino.

The co-recipients of the Science 8 Honors Award were Justin Hall and Blake Verdigets. The Science 8 award went to Maria Cusimano, with Garrett DeViney receiving Honorable Mention.

Jenna DeLatte and Harris Huber were co-recipients of the Social Studies 8 Honors Award. In Social Studies,  Westley James and Garrett DeViney were award winners.

Awards for languages were also presented. The French 8 Award winners were Kiley Salge, Rian McManus, Julia Ayers, and Justin Hall.  Samantha Thompson was the recipient of the Spanish 8 Award. The Spanish I award was presented to Seth Mandella. George Mueller received the Latin 8 Award.

The arts department presented awards as well. Westley James and Lila Coe were the co-recipients of the Theatre Award. The Art Award was given to co-recipients Rian McManus and Zoe Tatum. Rickey Pickens was the winner of the Instrumental Music Award. Molly Rivas received the Film Studies Award.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grade Awards
Prior to the Eighth Grade Recognition Program, the Middle School held an interscholastic awards program to honor fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students. Fifth grade student Joyce He and sixth grader Isabel Lovera were presented with medals for achieving the highest class averages. Gabby Rubin received the medal for seventh grade.

Fifth graders Emmy Rabalais and Jacob Hill were recognized with a Citizenship Award. Sixth graders Lia Beverly and Bennett Nettles and seventh graders Ashley Gaspard and Carter Scheuermann were recognized with Citizenship Awards.

Departmental awards were given to honor those students who were outstanding in specific subjects. The following students were recognized:

5th - Christopher Lawler (Corbin Nicoladis, honorable mention)
6th - Lilly Bordelon (Lia Beverly, honorable mention)
7th - Maia Christina and Gabby Rubin (co-winners)

5th - D.J. LaVie (Sage Falterman, honorable mention)
6th - Lia Beverly and Carter Rigney (co-winners )
7th - Kyle Lawrence (Dylan Raines, honorable mention)
Pre-Algebra - Gabby Rubin and Patrick LaForge (co-winners )

5th - Noah Dunn and Alex Scheuermann (co-winners)
6th - Kaye Sossaman and Lilly Bordelon (co-winners)
7th - Ethan Kann (Cole Angerer, honorable mention)

Social Studies
5th - Alex Scheuermann (D.J. LaVie, honorable mention)
6th - Hoang Tran and Carter Rigney (co-winners)
7th - Will Sossaman and Cole Angerer (co-winners)
5th - Will Adriance (Alex Scheuermann, honorable mention)
6th - Carter Rigney (Isabel Lovera, honorable mention)
7th - Maia Christina (Emy Farber, honorable mention)

7th - Ethan Kann and Gabby Rubin (co-winners)

5th - Grant Heytens and D.J. LaVie (co-winners)
6th - Lia Beverly and Sean Gardner (co-winners)
7th - Kaitlyn Hall, Ethan Kann, and Will Sossaman (co-winners)

5th - Anabel Rodriguez, Russell Huber (co-winners)
6th - Ruby Crawford, Bennett Nettles (co-winners)
7th - Kyle Lawrence, Alina Paiz, Ethan Kann, Emmy Farber, and Maia Christina (co-winners)

5th - Jacob Hill
6th - Isabella Arizola and Lilly Bordelon (co-winners)
7th - Kaitlyn Tillery

Instrumental Music
5th - Noah Hingel and Alex Scheuerman (co-winners)
6th - Erin Johnson and Cole LaCoste (co-winners)
7th - Tommy Garvey and Carter Scheuerman (co-winners)

Film 7
Ashley Gaspard

Students who were on the Honor Roll for the entire school year were recognized. In the fifth grade, those students were Charles Adriance, Francis Blazek, Chad Despaux, Noah Dunn, Sage Falterman, Joyce He, Jacob Hill, Russell Huber, David LaVie, Christopher Lawler, Aidan Molaison, Corbin Nicoladis, Alex Scheuermann, and Hailey Silvey.

In sixth grade, those students were Isabella Arizola, Tristen Bartholomew, Lia Beverly, Lillian Bordelon, Mary Ella Bozeman, John Collins, Ruby Crawford, Angelo Fassbender, Isabella Figueroa, John Flanagan, Erin Johnson, Katherine Knight, Cole LaCoste, Isabel Lovera, Jocelyn Martinez, Anisha Mitra, Bennett Nettles, Isabella Polk, Carter Rigney, Katherine Sossaman, and Hoang Thi Tran.

Seventh grade Honor Roll students were Cole Angerer, Elio Manny Bejaran, Maia Christina, Thomas Garvey, Ashley Gaspard, Kaitlyn Hall, Alexandra Houghtaling, Ethan Kann, Patrick LaForge, Kyle Lawrence, Gabrielle Rubin, Carter Scheuermann, Arthur Schott, Will Sossaman, Kaitlyn Tillery, Ian Todd, and Matthew Weaver.

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