Upper School Environmental Science Class Wins Garden Contest

Upper School Environmental Science Class Wins Garden Contest
The Upper School Environment Science Class has been selected as the 2019 Health and Nutrition Specialty Prize winner of the fifth annual Carton 2 Garden Contest, sponsored by Evergreen Packaging with support from KidsGardening.org. The goal of the contest was to display students’ creativity by repurposing milk and juice cartons to either build or enhance a school garden. It provides a chance to engage students in hands-on experience and create teachable moments about environmental stewardship, sustainable packaging, and healthy living.

Numerous entries from schools across the country were submitted, but “the depth and impact” of the StM project made it stand out. The Upper School group engaged Lower School students to save their milk cartons from lunch in Saints Hall, and used those for the project. After creating their garden, the Upper School students partnered with second graders to teach them about healthy eating. The group went further by pairing with StM’s technology department to create an irrigation system for the garden. View all the winners and the StM submission to the Health and Nutrition category here.

The Environmental Science class will receive a $2,000 cash prize for soil, plants, and other gardening needs; a $500 gift certificate to Gardener’s Supply Company; and a Garden Essentials Educational Package.

The class, which is taught by Ms. Stacy Richards, is composed of seniors Ben Bone, Mikki Dennies, Gabe Diaz, Ethan Everitt, Charlie Kaliszeski, Charley Leopold, Sophia Musso, Alec Ricci, Cole Russell, and Nigel Tatum, with junior Joycelyn Zhang.

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