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StM Spreads Positivity Through Random Acts of Kindness

StM Spreads Positivity Through Random Acts of Kindness
Saints as young as three years old spread kindness and positivity through good deeds in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Random Acts of Kindness Day was Sunday, February 17, and the movement aims to spread goodwill while encouraging others to pay it forward.

At St. Martin’s, students celebrated the day on Tuesday, Feb. 19 by planning and implementing acts of kindness for classmates, teachers, school community, school neighbors, and the environment.

The celebration, organized by Lower and Middle School Counselor Christina Heath, was designed to encourage the StM community to reach outside its comfort zone and make others aware of how kindness can change the world.  

“At the core of Random Acts of Kindness is the philosophy that educating the heart is just as important as educating the mind,” said Heath. “Instilling in our children the notion that kindness is the norm is tremendously important for all of their life endeavors. My hope is that, as parents and educators, we continue to encourage our children to know that kindness matters and that one good deed leads to another. When we are mindful of this kindness concept every day, we help to create a more loving and beautiful environment.”

The George Cottage Maple Class expressed its gratitude for enrichment teachers through special certificates and a song. Meanwhile, the Trees Classes planted a butterfly garden to beautify the school and attract pollinators.

Pre-k students gave thanks to the hard-working Dining Hall staff by handcrafting necklaces as gifts, and by helping to clean tables.

Kindergarten students painted rocks and wrote kind words of encouragement on them to hide around the school. The students’ hope is that the rocks will brighten the day of those who find them.

First grade committed to helping keep the school clean by doing a “trash sweep” of the Lower School periodically for the remainder of the school year.

In second grade, students created Mardi Gras decorations and spring flowers to brighten up the rooms of residents at Chateau Notre Dame, a local assisted living facility.

Third graders put pencil to paper, writing and personally delivering notes of gratitude to people who have made an impact on their lives, ranging from former teachers to StM support staff and more.

Fourth grade students choose a random act of kindness out of a jar to perform individually.

In Middle School, students brainstormed and performed acts of kindness in their advisory groups.

Fifth graders in Ms. Deas and Ms. Beck’s advisory picked up trash around campus. Mr. Hernandez’s advisory wrote thank-you notes and delivered treats to the Dining Hall staff. Mr. Dicasali’s advisory distributed “complimentary” pencils in the Learning Center and other Middle School classrooms.

In sixth grade advisories, the acts of kindness ranged from creating a hot chocolate and king cake station (Mr. Schwarz’s advisory) to sending inspirational notes and placing sweet candy treats in lockers (Ms. Wang’s advisory) to helping one of the school’s neighbors by pulling weeds in their garden (Mrs. Long-Dieth’s advisory).

Seventh grade students in Mr. Soyka’s advisory wrote thank-you notes and gave treats to the school’s facility and maintenance staff. Meanwhile, Ms. Johnson’s advisory drafted kind notes and placed candy on Middle School lockers.

Finally, eighth graders in Ms. Lovisa’s advisory traded caring, thoughtful notes with each other.

In each of these acts, StM faculty stressed the concept that kindness can be practiced every day, in ways big and small. Students were encouraged to think of ways they can spread kindness to others.

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