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Cast of Spring Musical “Li’l Abner" Announced

Cast of Spring Musical “Li’l Abner" Announced
St. Martin’s Performing Arts Department announced the cast of its spring musical production, Li’l Abner. Based on the long-running comic strip of the same name, the show is a tale of two youths in small-town America; it’s a hilarious satire on topics like American politics and government.

The musical centers on the town of Dogpatch, where local Daisy Mae is set on catching Li’l Abner on Sadie Hawkins Day so he will be forced to wed her. Her plot is interrupted when the town learns it has been deemed useless and is slated to be used as an atomic bomb test site. The locals must prove their worth in order to save their beloved town.

Rehearsals for the production have already begun. Nearly 70 StM students from Lower, Middle, and Upper School will lend their talents to the production.

The cast will work with StM’s fantastic team of dedicated professionals. The show is directed by Mrs. Meredith Long Dieth. Mr. Justin Blanchard serves as musical director. The show’s choreography is by Kendra Willis, and Emily Ross is technical director.

The show runs March 27-29 at 7 p.m each night.


Li’l Abner - Kyle Winkler III
Daisy Mae - Annabeth Talbot
Mammy Yokum - Katie Oster
Pappy Yokum - Kyle Lawrence
Romeo Scragg - Ethan Kann
Clem Scragg - Westley James
Alf Scragg - Leland Crawford
Appassionata - Gabby Killett
Moonbeam McSwine - Bentley Boudreaux
Marryin’ Sam - Nicholas Arensman
Available Jones - Russell Huber
Scarlett - Patience Zar
Stupefyin’ Jones - Abbie Beck
Evil Eye Fleagle - Elise Lafleur
Earthquake McGoon - William Salvaggio
Lonesome Polecat - Emy Farber
General Bullmoose - Nic Lobrano
Senator Phogbound - Charlie Kaliszeski
Cedric Softwick (State Dept.) - Kennedy Derosin
Government  Man - Westley James
Colonel  Kobb - Bennett Nettles
Mayor Dawgmeat - Frankie Blazek
Hairless Joe - Will Adriance
Speedy McRabbit - Ellie Hurley

Bonnie - Lila Coe
Carmen - Ruby Crawford
Dee Dee - Alina Paiz
Edna - Kiley Salge
Pat - Amy Liang
Lillian - Julia Ayres

Hank - Sean Gardner
Rufe - Mason Bruneau
Zeke - Dax Rizer
Luke - Leland Crawford
Clem - Will Adriance
Cy - Ethan Kann

Dr. Finsdale - Tanner Sykes
Dr. Guftensphere - Erica Ricci
Dr. Hockenbocken - Alana Tessman
Dr. Krogmeyer - Elyse Kann
Dr. Schliefitz - Farrah Wells

Zartis - Zoe Tranchina
Betty - Bella Polk
Agnes - Anabelle Rodriguez
Mary Lou - Marley Shepherd
Clementine - Calleigh Graham
Bubba - Kelly Dieth
Ottis - Jonah Kulp
Elle Amy - Evie Dicasalli
Chester - Adam Hawawini
Geraldine - Georgia Peyton
Petunia - Piper Davis
Ci Ci - Cicely Davis
Aunt Aggy - Abby Seamster
Roy - Omar Baig
Lou - Liam Demuth
Sal - Nils Valencia
Sally - Apurva Meka
Calvin - Caleb Heytens
Grover - Grant Heytens
Joe Bob McCoy - Vico Vignes
Cletus - Landon Parks
Secretaries/Dancers -  Farrah Wells, Erica Ricci, Alana Tessman, Elyse Kann, Patience Zar, Olivia Ernst, Gracie Miester

Stage Manager - Jackson Nettles

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