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2018 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
St. Martin's Episcopal School is pleased to announce its newest inductees into the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame — Coach Charles "Chick" McGeehan, Mary K. Williams Shean '86, and Todd DeMonte '87.

The 2018 St. Martin's Hall of Fame class will be formally inducted in a ceremony at the Upper School assembly on September 28, 2018 at 9:40 a.m. Inductees will also be honored at the school's presentation of the Hall of Fame at the Homecoming football game that evening. Kickoff at Tony Porter Field is slated for 7:00 p.m. All alumni are invited to attend both events.

Coach Charles "Chick" McGeehan
Coach McGeehan has been a part of the St. Martin's community for more than 35 years. Throughout his time at St. Martin's he has worked as a coach, teacher, advisor, and mentor. When the school was in need of an interim athletic director, McGeehan gave up the comfort and ease of retirement to serve in that role.

He has continued to devote his time and talents to St. Martin's in countless ways. Whether on the field or in the classroom, Coach McGeehan taught with precision. He views himself as an educator first and always worked hard to build his athletes not only into good players, but well-rounded, kind, and hardworking individuals. Coach McGeehan coached a variety of sports including football, soccer, and track. His 1993 girl's track and field team was inducted into the St. Martin's Hall of Fame in 2012.

On top of his many accomplishments, he helped mold some of St. Martin's most memorable coaches including Sam Dozier, Mike Giambelluca, and current head basketball coach Mike Odom. Coach McGeehan has been and will remain a legacy for former, current, and future St. Martin's students.

Mary K. Williams Shean '86
Shean was a multi-sport athlete at St. Martin's who participated and excelled in volleyball, swimming, basketball, track and field, tennis, and soccer.
Shean received many accolades over the years including:
  • 1984 All District volleyball team
  • 1985 2nd Team All District 10-A basketball team
  • 1985 All District volleyball team
  • 1985 All East Bank volleyball MVP, averaging 8 kills and 2.4 blocks per game
  • 1986 All East Bank Basketball Team
  • 1986 Regional Doubles Tennis Champ

In addition to her previously mentioned honors, Shean was honored as the top female athlete by The Times-Picayune in 1986 for her dominating performances in six different sports. She later went on to sign with Duke University to play volleyball.

Todd DeMonte '87
DeMonte is a legend in the world of wrestling at St. Martin's. Out of his 145 matches, DeMonte has 130 wins and only 15 losses. He was the junior varsity state champion his freshman year and placed first place in the JV Regional Tournament. He also earned the state champion title his sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Along with winning the state championship, DeMonte won first place in the Casio-Schreiver Tournament, the Brother Martin Invitational, the Holy Cross Tiger Invitational, and the State Tournament. DeMonte received the Most Valuable Player Award for wrestling his sophomore and senior year.

After graduation, DeMonte wrestled for Cornell University.

Past Inductees
Each year St. Martin's inducts new members into its Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame, which was established in 2006. The Hall of Fame recognizes individuals and teams who distinguished themselves in interscholastic athletics as players, coaches, athletic trainers, or administrators while at St. Martin's.

Past inductees include: the 1951 Metro Championship Football Team, Coach Tony Porter, Ben Tisdale '54, John Eastman '64, Glenn Johnson Brady '65, John Girault '55, the 1969 Class A State Track Champions, JoAnn DeMartini '82, Kate McCall '79, Chris Delaune '91, the 1978 Volleyball State Championship Team, Linda Tuero Lindsley '68, William Ball '73, Gerald Lewis '89, Ashley Tappin Doussan '93, Barbara Farris '94, the 1991 State Championship Baseball Team, Frederick Devall III '56, Anne Monsted '93, the 1954 Basketball Team, James Vaughn '63, Alfredo Mesa '89, the 1993 Girls Track and Field Team, the 1959 Relay Team, Christian A. Shofstahl '93, Linda Trevino, Anne Shepherd Breitschwerdt '69, Chris Beckman, Sr. '88, the 1992-1993 Girls Basketball Team, Sam Dozier, John Lehman '62, Charles M. Steen '60, the 1971 Swim Team, and Catherine Betz '98.

To submit nominations for the 2019 Hall of Fame, visit stmsaints.com/alumniawards.


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