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July 10, Update

Dear Parents:

I hope you are all well and having a great summer! I have missed seeing you and your children, and we are gearing up for the school year. I am sending you a list of items I have been working on for quite some time. There will be more information to come, but I wanted to send this out right now. If you have any questions, please let me know. I have a mailing coming out soon with more information in it. We are working on a safe way to have chapels. I have some ideas, but I wanted you to know how important those are to all of us. I am committed to the safety of your children and our teachers. I am always available to help with anything. Be safe and have a great weekend! Together We Are Saints!

Ford Dieth
  • All rooms are being arranged to allow for appropriate physical distancing. Adjustments will be made to our daily curriculum in order to facilitate learning in a safe environment. In the lower grades (PK-K), the students will be rotating through centers with adequate spacing and cleaning in between use. Certain areas will be used on certain days to minimize the need to clean and students will be rotated throughout these areas with distancing and infection control in mind. In grades 1 through 4, the teachers will rotate into the classroom to teach our students in the majority of cases. There may be situations where a class may go to a certain resource room, however this will be well spaced out to allow for adequate cleaning and ventilation in between classes.
  • All faculty, staff and students in grade 3 and 4 are required to wear face coverings. Students in grades PK through 2 are recommended to wear face coverings.These face coverings should be comfortable for the student and easy to remove and put back on when needed. Faculty will allow frequent face covering breaks as we are aware face coverings are challenging for students in this age group. These breaks will occur in situations where physical distancing is possible. The breaks will be supervised and spaced out throughout the day to afford the safest environment allowed. Under no circumstances will a student be reprimanded/punished for taking off his/her mask. The teacher will work with the student to manage the safety precautions required while respecting the student’s level of comfort.
  • All Physical Education classes will be held outdoors, without face coverings but respecting physical distancing.  All activities will be contactless. In the event of inclement weather, the students will participate in PE in a larger area where they can be physically distanced with adequate ventilation but still participate.
  • Grades PK -1 will eat lunch in the classroom. Students will be allowed to place orders ahead of time after reviewing the menu with parents  (you will receive the details of this in a separate email). The lunches will be delivered to the classroom and the students will be able to enjoy a picnic lunch outside or in the event of inclement weather, they may eat under the breezeway or in their classrooms.
  • Grades 2-4 will eat in the cafeteria using physical distancing for seating and obtaining lunch. 
  •  For those not on the meal plan, we will be utilizing a new cashless system for purchasing lunch this year. You may put funds on your child’s account to allow for lunch to be purchased on a daily basis if your child prefers.
  • Free play will continue as an important part of our curriculum. We recognize outdoor play is important to your child and plan on incorporating it into our curriculum as we have in the past. The classes will play on the playground at a scheduled time, allowing for adequate time to have our cleaning crew sanitize the equipment between classes. Again, physical distancing will be maintained when feasible and face coverings will not be required during active, physical play.
  • We encourage all students to bring their own reusable water bottle/ thermos with lid and their name written clearly on it. The drinking fountains will be converted to bottle-fill stations allowing each student to refill their bottle as needed.
  • The LS Carpool will be the only way students enter campus in the morning. Parents will not be walking their children to the classroom at this time.This will allow for adequate screening and minimizing contact with the community. We request those dropping off and picking up students in carpool wear a face covering during the time their child is screened. All students in grades 3 and up should have their face coverings on during the screening process as well as exiting the car. We request your child be ready to exit the car once they are screened to maintain traffic flow.
  • The  faculty will be in their rooms ready to welcome students at 7:30 am. Before care will not be offered at this time. Once  screened in the carpool, the children will be allowed to enter the Lower School via Haring Road where they will be escorted to their classrooms. If you arrive after 7:55am, your child will have to be escorted by a parent to the Lower School office to be screened and sign in tardy.
  • Students will be dismissed via carpool as well. There will be faculty checking the yellow placards in the carpool line for students’ names and call for the students in the classroom via walkie talkie. Please remember cell phones are prohibited in the carpool line. We ask that you begin to line up in the carpool line no earlier than 3pm.
  • We will continue to provide aftercare to our families. It will be held in a different manner to facilitate social distancing within grades while providing an opportunity for homework completion and some release from the confines of the school day.