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May 22, Week 10 Update

Dear Cottage Families,

We have officially made it through the 2019-2020 school year!  I want to take a chance to thank you one more time for your hard work during this time and to congratulate you for surviving this season.  While next Monday is not likely to look much different at your homes than this Monday or the series of Mondays that have preceded it, I hope that you will celebrate this next chapter as we begin to move toward what a colleague called the "Right Now Normal." Know that I and your teachers are anxious to see you in person and that as soon as we can safely assemble in groups of a sufficient size to accommodate everyone, we will plan class or grade level parties. We want everyone to have the chance to return to the Cottage for playground fun and, if not hugs, at least physically distant connections that do not require a screen!
Below are final messages for your children and for you, though I hope that you will continue to keep in touch with me and with your teachers through the summer. 
Holly’s final student message  
Our plan is to resume school in as close to our regular manner as possible in the fall, so mark August 12 with a big red and blue star and get ready for the biggest reunion ever as we gather again as a community!  Until then, Happy Summer!