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May 22, Week 10 Update

Classes have ended and summer is beginning.  However, before moving into the dog days of heat and humidity that await us, we have to wrap up the school year first.  

Here are a few updates:
  • Upper School Academic Awards will be announced next Friday, May 29. We will send out a link that day to the digital awards program, which will list the winners.  Some of the awards will have videos linked to them.  We will coordinate with families once all the physical awards have arrived on the best way to get them to the students.  The link will also be posted on the US website (www.stmkeepup.com) 
  • Locker cleanout and book collection will occur on June 1 and 2. The instructions for students to clean out their locker, retrieve their books, and return school textbooks are listed here.  Please be sure to read them carefully and let us know if you cannot come during your assigned time.
  • 4th quarter report cards will be available in early June.  When they are ready to be viewed in Whipple Hill, we will send out a communication with instructions on how to see them as well as some additional summer information you will need.
  • Below is a link to our parent survey about distance learning.  We would appreciate getting your feedback regarding the Upper School distance learning program.  Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.  


While this school year was not like anything we had envisioned at its start, our community continually showed its strength and character in facing and overcoming the obstacles presented by this challenging time.  As always, please feel free to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.    

Together we are Saints,  

Peter Adair
Head of Upper School

Mary Bond
Associate Head--Student Affairs

Tiffany DuSaules
Associate Head--Academic Affairs