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May 1, Week 7 Update

Good Afternoon, Cottage Families!
I hope that you have had a great week and that the rain early on did not throw you too much out of your routine (whatever that might be!).

This week, I just want to share a few additional resources and to encourage you to keep doing what you are doing:

If you are engaging with our distance learning resources and exploring with your kids, you are doing the right thing!

If you are doing none of the activities, but are hugging your kids and telling them that you love them, you are doing the right thing!

If you are helping in the outside world and are coming home exhausted, but fulfilled, you are doing the right thing (and thank you!)!

You are the only one that can determine what works best for your family, and we want to support you until we can be back together. We miss you all, but are grateful to have you in our community!

Have a great weekend!  It is hard to believe that May is here already!  We are really hoping to have some form of socially distant goodbye for our classes, so stay tuned for information from your teachers about activities in late May.  Until then, if there are items that you need to retrieve from school, feel free to send me a message and I would be glad to open the buildings for your convenience!
Together We Are Saints,


This week for art, we have two StM Coloring pages. To show that "Together we are Saints," please have your child color and decorate these pages however they choose. When done, please let your little artist show off their work by taking a photo of them holding their masterpieces. We will be creating a photo montage of all the cottage artists holding their pieces to share on the StM Facebook page to show continued school spirit in these trying times. Please let me know if posting your child's photo on our schools online page is approved by you when sending in your photos. My email is Jordan.Weinberger@stmsaints.com
I cannot wait to see all the amazing ways your children decorate these pages. I truly miss creating with everyone and hope everyone has enjoyed exploring art in new ways at home.

Jordan Weinberger