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March 27, Week 2 Update

Happy Friday, Families!
Below is the link to my week 2 update: 
I thought that a video might offer the chance for you who are multitasking to listen while you are working rather than having to read an extended message. If you prefer to read through a list of items covered, see below.
Here are also a few book readings for the weekend:
As a reminder, all books are stored in this folder: 
Together We Are Saints,
Update Items:
- Thank you for all that you are doing to sustain your children and to juggle the many roles that you are playing as parent, teacher, worker, and health monitor. You are doing a great job, even if you don't believe it, and what your children will remember about this time is the memories that you create as you are spending time together. Though it may seem incredibly fraught with stress, the books you read to them, the art projects that you celebrate, and the silly dances that you do together in the kitchen will be the snapshots that remain.
- Thank you to the teachers for all that they have done to individualize communication with families and to translate a hands-on, relationship based teaching structure rooted in face-to-face interactions into a nurturing distance learning environment delivered electronically.  They have gone beyond what I could have imagined in creating ways to build community from afar.
- We are going to have a school-wide Professional Development day on Monday so that teachers across our campus will have the chance to pause and evaluate our current means of teaching.  It will give us a chance to talk about difficulties, to streamline our methods of communication with families and each other, and will help us to make a plan for the next phase of distance learning.  It will also offer a much-needed break for the students, particularly in Middle and Upper School, to rest and reset for the next few weeks' studies.
This will not alter the Cottage plan much beyond the fact that content that has been delivered on Mondays may be deferred to Tuesday and teachers may not be as accessible as they join zoom meetings throughout the day.
- I miss you and your children!  Please send photos, messages, or videos via email or text. I promise to respond!
- If you were unable to take home supplies (especially diapers!), and find that you need them, please let me know. I can bag them for pick up at school at your convenience.
- We want to provide enough activity suggestions and resources to support you, but do not want to overwhelm you. If you are in need of more suggestions or a different type of support, please reach out to me or to your teachers. If you are overwhelmed and are not even ready to consider the first round of activities, that's okay!  Read to your kids and find 5-10 minutes to spend some one-on-one time with them during the day just being together. :)
- Keep loving on each other and following the guidelines of our local leaders to flatten the curve.  Be safe and be healthy!
Holly Dalferes, M.Ed.
Director, George Cottage
St. Martin's Episcopal School
225 Green Acres Road
Metairie, LA  70003