Head of School Search

Letter from the Board of Trustees:

In May of 2021, Merry Sorrells announced her decision to step down as Head of School. The Board of Trustees accepted her resignation with appreciation and announced that Ford Jones Dieth Jr. ‘89 would serve as interim Head of School.

Since that time, the Board has appointed Kelly Duncan ‘72 and Bruce Parkerson ‘75 as the co-chairs of the process to identify our next permanent Head of School. They researched and interviewed several national search firms experienced in leading search committees in recruiting heads of school. After conducting Zoom interviews and checking references, they recommended and the Board approved hiring The Education Group (TEG).

Selecting a Head of School is one of the Board’s most important duties. The school is well positioned for its immediate and long term future during this transition. Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate this important process. We welcome your questions and input. 

St. Martin’s Episcopal School Board of Trustees

Search Committee Members:
  • Laura Akers, Board member and current STM parent 
  • Liz Martin Armstrong ’78, Board Member
  • Troy Heytens, Board Member and current STM parent
  • Stephen Huber ’89, Former Board Chair and current STM parent
  • Ana Ortega '85, Former Board Chair and parent of 2 alumni
  • Bishop Morris Thompson, Board member and bishop of Louisiana
  • Bert Wilson ’77, Board member and parent of alumni
The Education Group (TEG): https://www.educationgroup.com/about 

The Education Group was founded over thirty years ago and includes twenty consultants, many of whom headed Episcopal schools. Dave Davies and Jay Philpott will be working most directly with us to conduct this search process. Dave is a former Episcopal school Head and senior administrator who has successfully led eleven searches in his three years with the firm. He is also leading three strategic plans and has presented numerous Board governance training sessions. Jay is an experienced Episcopal independent school and liberal arts college administrator who has been with TEG for a year. He is currently leading a head search at an Episcopal school in Tennessee.

After consulting with Dave, Jay, and Katherine Stuart, President of TEG, the Search Committee recommended to the full Board that the new Head would begin in July of 2023 and that Ford Dieth serve as interim Head for two years. 

TEG recommends an inclusive process where all voices in the St. Martin’s community will have input in the process. The search committee ultimately will recommend one candidate for Board approval, but they will take into account many community perspectives and opinions. The Education Group has a thorough process and has already begun its initial work.
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