Champions Club


History of the Champions Club

The Champions Club was founded to provide the funding necessary to sustain St. Martin’s high-quality, mission-driven athletic program. It will enhance the athletic experience for all student-athletes ensuring they have the equipment, coaches, facilities, and resources to compete at the highest level.

Mission-Driven Athletics

StM athletics is teaching students to be champions on and off the field; going far beyond what happens on the scoreboard. Our 21st Century Athletic Program intentionally develops the skills, attributes, and habits of mind that prepare students for lives of faith, scholarship, and service.

Benefits of participating in competitive sports

  • Develops real world problem solving skills that enhance cognitive development and focus on an approach to life that values continual growth and improvement;
  • Strengthens mindsets and habits of mind that foster a strong work ethic, leadership skills, perseverance through difficulty, and grit;
  • Enhances social and emotional intelligence through collaboration and teamwork that prepares youth to become responsible citizens of their communities, nation, and world.
  • Introduces youth to a wide-range of fun, challenging activities they can enjoy over the long arc of their lives, yielding enormous health, wellness, and quality of life benefits.  


A winning athletic program does not exist without the support of alumni, parents, and fans. Recruiting high caliber coaches, securing the appropriate equipment to support excellence in performance and safe participation, maintaining our fields and courts and training facilities: all of these come with costs.  

Your Champions Club membership will provide the resources necessary to sustain and grow StM athletics today and for future generations. This is your opportunity to ensure our scholar athletes are able to perform at the top of their game.

It is easy to become a member of the Champions Club! Show your spirit for the Saints and join the team today!

Join Now

Membership dues can be paid on a one-time, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Full and joint membership options are available. You can honor a special coach or team member with a Champions Club tribute membership. All memorial memberships will be added to the perpetual Champions Club tribute roster.

The purpose of this program is to raise an additional $75,000 each year that would specifically help underwrite the costs of the school’s athletic budget. This will enable the department to hire top coaches, attract high-performing scholar athletes, and remain competitive with our facilities. This is not something that should replace your annual giving; it is an additional way to meet the operating costs of the school in a community-building effort.

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