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SCO Winter Meeting 1/11/22

The mission of the SCO is to provide a forum that will facilitate open communication, collaboration, and fellowship between families, administration, and educators of St. Martin’s Episcopal School.  Together, we are committed to helping to meet the needs of our school, through volunteer and financial support. We seek to create a vibrant school community for all students and families.

How it works…The leadership of the SCO is composed of a president, an executive committee, and room parents.  All parents or guardians of a St. Martin’s student are automatically members of the SCO.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings, volunteer time and talents, and join in the activities sponsored by the SCO.

The SCO helps to provide:
  • Family events and socials
  • Parent educational seminars
  • Large school projects
  • Grants for faculty professional development
  • “Wish list” items to the school 

The SCO also hosts several fundraising events. Please mark your calendars now for the SCO Golf Tournament and the Spring Gala. And the SCO sponsors fellowship events like the Back to School BBQ Bash, Family Fest, and Donuts with Dads (check the Lower School Calendar for dates). Please see the calendar to the side for dates.

StM Gala