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The Saints Community Organization (SCO) has a Parent Liaison for each grade.  Parent Liaisons are representatives of the SCO and are asked to attend the SCO monthly meetings.

Each grade‚Äôs Parent Liaison will keep the class parents informed of SCO happenings and encourage all parents to attend SCO events and meetings.  The Parent Liaison will frequently be asked to email information to the class parents about SCO events.  The Parent Liaison will also be responsible for coordinating the class donation for the Gala.

For many reasons, a good way to start your year as Parent Liaison is to be sure you have an email group of all the parents in your grade.  This way, when asked to send out information and reminders, you will already have your email contact list created.  To get parent emails for your grade, please contact the Mary Brown in Development Office at 504.736.9914 or, and she will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your involvement!

StM Gala