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Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame

Each year St. Martin’s inducts new members in to the Alumni Athletic Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame recognizes individuals and/or teams, who were involved in interscholastic athletics as players, coaches, athletic trainers of administrators and who distinguished themselves in any of these capacities while at St. Martin’s.

Past inductees include: the 1951 Metro Championship Football Team, Coach Tony Porter, Ben Tisdale ’54, John Eastman 64’, Glenn Johnson Brady ’65, John Girault ’55, the 1969 Class A State Track Champions, JoAnn DeMartini ’82, Kate McCall ’79, Chris Delaune ’91, the 1978 Volleyball State Championship Team, Linda Tuero Lindsley ’68, William Ball ’73, Gerald Lewis ’89, Ashley Tappin Doussan ’93, Barbara Farris ’94, the 1991 State Championship Baseball Team, Fredrick Devall III ’56, Anne Monsted ’93, the 1954 Basketball Team, James Vaughn ’63, Alfredo Mesa ’89, the 1993 Girls Track & Field Team, the 1959 Relay Team, Christian A. Shofstahl ‘93, Linda Trevino, Anne Shepherd Breitschwerdt '69, Chris Beckman, Sr. '88, the 1992-1993 Girls Basketball Team, John Lehman '62, Coach Sam Dozier, Coach Charles "Chick" McGeehan, Mary K. Williams Shean '86, Todd DeMonte '87, Mark McGinnis '86, Ryan Rossner '00, and Maggie Rusch '06.

Dorothy Porter Service Award

The Dorothy Porter Service Award was established in honor of our beloved long- time teacher who was a part of St. Martin’s from its beginning. Even after her retirement in 1988, Mrs. Porter was actively involved in the school. She exemplified grace, commitment, historical love for the school and an enduring spirit that is admired by everyone who is a part of St. Martin’s. With the Dorothy Porter Service Award, we honor the late Mrs. Porter and her commitment to St. Martin’s. The award’s recipient must be an exemplary St. Martin’s citizen who has consistently served the school with time, talent and treasures and who represents the motto, philosophy and mission of St. Martin’s – faith, scholarship, service. 

Past recipients of the Dorothy Porter Service Award include Dorothy Porter (2002), Jim Marsalis '62 (2003), Belle Johnson (2004), The Rev. Gedge Gayle (2005), Eileen Beckman (2006), Bill Rosenbaum (2007), Wally Porter '76 (2008), "Miss Janet" Russo (2009), The Rev. John Stone Jenkins (2010), Lynn Coatney (2011), Karen Sullivan (2012), Linda Trevino (2013),  Marian and Larry Gibbs (2014), Julie Dieth (2015), Warren Lind (2016), Chick McGeehan (2017), Pedro Perez (2018) and Donna Lewis (2019). 

Martin de Tours Award

The Martin de Tours Award is named for the patron saint of our school. He is best known for his ability to find God in the simple joys of life. There is a well-known story in which Martin met a shivering beggar at the gates of the city of Amiens in Gaul. Moved with compassion, he divided his coat into two parts and gave one to the poor man. Martin de Tours exemplified the aspect of service that we value so highly at St. Martin’s Episcopal School.

This award is given annually to an exemplary citizen who has consistently served his/her community and has demonstrated a commitment to the highest standards in his/her chosen field of endeavor.

Past recipients include: Robert L. Livingston, Jr. '60, Sue Ruppel Laudeman '55, Hans A.B. Jonassen '58, Julie Hogue McCollam '52, Gwynne Bowman '59, W. Brooks Emory '60, James O. Gundlach '64, Robert W. Merrick '62, S. Ford Rowan, Jr. '61, Patty Habeeb Muehlemann '65, Carlos Zervigon '57, John M. Girault, Sr. '55, Robert J. "Bobby" Whann III '57, Antonio Cabrales '54, John Gage '59, Peggy Higgins Sewell '68, Betsy Threefoot  Kaston '72, Walter E. Blessey, Jr. '62, Donald K. Marshall '68, Cynthia Phillips Schmidt '74, Bill Wright '67, John M. Eastman '64, Charles Nelson '65, and Kelly Duncan '72. 

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