Why StM?

"We prepare students to thrive in college and in life through Faith, Scholarship, and Service."

In today’s exciting and unpredictable world, St. Martin's mission stands strong. Faith defines the StM community, and provides students with the spiritual foundation needed to confidently and successfully travel through college and through life. Scholarship at St. Martin’s is not only defined by the knowledge students acquire, but by their ability to discern, think critically, ask guiding questions, and reason fairly and justly. And, Service! The Episcopal faith leads our students to minister to others, seek opportunities to give of themselves, and strive to understand and accept others, no matter their differences.

The mission statement is far more than mere words. A St. Martin’s education stands apart and above. St. Martin's remains proud of its success in readying our students for college and for life. The school is working to instill in today’s students the skills and flexibility they will need to meet the challenges ahead of them. Their futures will be very different from those of the graduates who have gone before them. What will never change, however, is the timeless confidence that comes when Faith, Scholarship, and Service underscore the educational environment St. Martin’s provides for its students.
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